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Triverex is a male sexual health support product that is used to improve erectile function and male performance levels. They say that it can help older men recover lost functionality and vitality, while younger men and athletes can reach new performance levels that they were unable to achieve on their own.

It is a circulatory aid that helps to increase blood flow to the genitals and the brain, which can potentially impact both erectile rigidity and libido function. Its advertisements also say that it can help to improve sperm quality, both in terms of quantity of sperm and their health and longevity.

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Triverex Review

Triverex claims to be able to improve both circulation and male performance function, which are the two most common ways to impact male sexual performance. Proper circulation levels are necessary in order to achieve erection, and the root of erectile dysfunction is often related to issues with blood pressure or blood flow.

The importance of male performance in male sexual health cannot be understated. It plays a role in every aspect of sexual responsiveness from initially becoming aroused to orgasm and even post-orgasm behaviors.

In order to decide if Triverex can live up to their advertising claims, we must first understand what goes into their proprietary blend. According to their website, the ingredients in Triverex are:

Korean Red Ginseng Extract (Root): One of the most used herbs worldwide for both male enhancement and general wellness. Korean red ginseng, also known as panax ginseng, is the only “original” or “true” Ginseng on the market.

It is a mild stimulant that can increase both the frequency of sexual thoughts and the frequency of their erections. It increases heart rate, which improves circulation, and in turn, impacts blood flow to both the genitals and the brain.

L-Citrulline: An amino acid that is used due to its combined effects on male performance and circulation. L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine when processed by the kidneys, which is considered one of the most potent male enhancement product ingredients that are available without a prescription.

It is a vasodilator that opens up the width of users’ veins, allowing more blood to pass through the body at a faster rate, which helps men achieve their best possible erections. It also encourages the release of human male performance prodrug that can help to increase T levels overall.

Maca Standardized Extract (Root): A plant whose roots are used as an aphrodisiac, energy booster, and seminal quality enhancer. It has been cultivated by humans for centuries, starting with tribes in the Andes mountains and spreading out across the world.

Maca has a wide variety of beneficial properties for humans, including improved energy, mood, and immune functions. It also has been shown to stimulate libido, improve erectile rigidity, and lead to an increase in both the volume of semen produced during orgasm and the density of the sperm in that fluid.

Epimedium Standardized Extract: A Chinese herb that is most frequently sold in America under the name “horny goat weed.” It is a stimulant that has some pro-erectile qualities, however it is not technically considered an aphrodisiac.

Despite the benefits that horny goat weed has shown for erectile function it is not one of our team of experts recommended supplement ingredients due to some serious concerns

Velvet Bean Standardized Extract: An African and Southeast Asian plant whose scientific name is mucuna pruriens and is often referred to as cowitch due to the severe itching that contact with its exterior seedpod can cause.

For this reason it is thought that it may have some applications for improving mood and mental functioning, however the science to validate this is somewhat lacking. There is very little reliable data that suggest that mucuna pruriens can have benefits for male sexual performance.

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  • Maca root, ginseng, and L-Citrulline are all considered excellent additives for a male enhancement product. They have all shown an ability to improve erectile health, as well as several other key factors in male sexual wellness.


  • Triverex uses one ingredient, velvet bean, that is not thought to be effective and may have some negative side effects, and another, horny goat weed, that may be somewhat effective but may also be dangerous for some users.


Triverex only has a one-star (out of five) rating on Amazon – the lowest possible average for a product – however it is no longer available through that site, or from any other third-party distributor. It is currently sold exclusively through Farr Laboratories’ website, where it retails for $109.99 for a one-month supply.

This is a very high price for a product of this nature. Users should also be aware that purchasing from their website automatically enrolls them in a monthly renewal program.

Every thirty days Farr Laboratories will send users a new bottle of Triverex, however they will also charge their credit card $79.99. Some users were happy that there was a program that could reduce the high price of Triverex, however others were angry that this “deal” is not optional or better publicized.

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  • Cost 4.7/5
  • Money Back 3.1/5
  • Overall Rating 4.3/5

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Customer Reviews

As mentioned, Triverex has a 1-star average on Amazon, and their reviews on other websites are not much better. There are quite a few customers that have posted about their negative experiences with Triverex, including these individuals:

“I’ve been using another band for a while, but I thought I’d mix it up and see if I could get better results from something else. No luck – after using Triverex for a month I could clearly see how much better my old brand was and went right back.”

“I was really excited to try Triverex because I’d seen some of their ads and I really need the help. I followed their directions for maximum effectiveness exactly, but I never saw any results. Now I’m just even more frustrated.”

“Did not make me feel good, so I stopped taking it for a few days and felt better. Decided to try it one more time and I got sick again. The rest went in to the trash.”


There are some good things about Triverex, such as their use of ginseng, maca, and the L-Arginine precursor L-Citrulline. Unfortunately, they also use epimedium, and our team of experts do not recommend any product that uses epimedium in its blend. It is easy enough to find a product that is less expensive than Triverex, that uses the same quality ingredients, and that doesn’t have horny goat weed in it.

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