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Testropin is an athletic performance supplement that is designed to improve male performance production and sexual functionality. Their advertising says that it helps their users to increase their ability to build muscles and burn fat, as well as also boosting libido, erectile quality, and overall endurance levels.

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Testropin Review

Testropin advertises itself as a high-powered male performance booster that is capable of increasing male performance production, workout performance, and sexual vitality, however its ingredients list does not inspire confidence in our team of experts that this is the case.

The proprietary blend for Testropin has some pluses and some minuses. They feature some of our experts’ most highly rated ingredients, and they also feature some ingredients that our team tries not to recommend at all.

Another one of the problems with Testropin is that they do not provide any usable dosage information for their product. It is unclear how much of each of the additives in their blend is utilized, which is especially an issue given their use of some additives that are potentially dangerous in higher quantities.


  • Testropin uses Astragalus, which has the approval of our team of experts for inclusion in male enhancement supplements, particularly those oriented toward male performance function.


  • The number one ingredient in Testropin is horny goat weed, an additive that has a history of potentially serious side effects in its users. It also uses saw palmetto and Blue #1, two other products that can be potentially detrimental to health or sexual performance.

While it is impossible to say how much of each ingredient is in their mix exactly, supplements still tend to list the most prevalent ingredients first and ingredients used in lower amounts last. With that in mind, here is a closer look at their top three ingredients and some of the other substances found in their blend:

Horny Goat Weed: A low-grade stimulant and erectile aid that is often sold as an aphrodisiac. There is no reliable data that horny goat weed can affect sexual performance in any way except with the physical process of achieving erection.

As a stimulant, horny goat weed increases heartbeat, which then increases the overall quantity of blood flow. This allows men’s bodies more access to the amount of blood that is necessary to maintain erection while still functioning normally elsewhere.

This method of circulatory stimulation also increases blood pressure, sometimes significantly, which can potential have a negative impact on users’ health in a number of ways. Some previous horny goat weed users have experienced complications like strokes, seizures, and heart attacks, including some incidences that resulted in death.

Astragalus Extract: A well-regarded ingredient for male enhancement supplements due to the beneficial effects that it can have on T levels. It is a tree-like plant whose roots are rich in nutrients and alkaloids that have consistently demonstrated in clinical settings that it can encourage male performance production. It is strongly recommended by our team of health and wellness experts.

Saw Palmetto Extract: Derivatives taken from the Florida-native tree that are said to have a beneficial effect on men’s erectile function. Scientific evidence, however, has shown that this only happens in a very select number of cases. Some studies have even claimed that it can have a detrimental effect on erectile performance, which is the opposite effect that most male enhancement products are trying to achieve.

There needs to be more reliable data that demonstrates that saw palmetto can be useful – or at least not detrimental – before our team can recommend it for inclusion in male enhancement products.

  • Effectiveness 4.9/5
  • Consumer reviews 3.6/5
  • Quality of ingredients 4.3/5
  • Cost 3.9/5
  • Money Back 4.8/5
  • Overall Rating 4.3/5

Blue #1: An artificial food dye that was more commonly used before reports were released that it could have some negative effects on consumers in the long term. It is possible that regularly ingesting Blue #1, also known as Brilliant Blue, can increase the likelihood of developing cancer of the kidneys or the brain, and it may also be able to effect changes in users’ DNA.

It has no medical, therapeutic, or wellness benefits, and as such does not belong in a health or nutritional supplement. Our team of experts does not recommend any product that uses Brilliant Blue or other synthetic dyes that could have a negative impact on users’ long-term health.

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Testropin is a product of the athletic supplements manufacturing company Maxtropin. They are an Arizona-based company that does not have a very favorable reputation online.

They have an “F” rating with the consumer watchdog group Fakespot and a 0/5-star rating with Trustwerty. There are also quite a few complaints found online about their “Free Trial Offer,” which actually enrolls users in a recurring payment program that charges far above-market prices for their products.

This is a common tactic used by less-ethical businesses, and our readers are strongly encouraged not to sign up for the “Free Trial Offer,” as there are a number of hidden charges that keep it from being free in almost every circumstance.

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For a product that bills itself as a male performance booster, there are surprisingly few ingredients in Testropin that have the ability to increase male performance production or processing. Astragalus is highly rated for that application, however the majority of their other ingredients are either more related to some other aspect of male enhancement, or they have not proven clinically that they can actually improve male performance function.

The company is not well rated by industry critics, and they do not have many positive reviews from their previous users posted online. They also use multiple additives that our team of experts do not recommend for male enhancement products, which means that it is ultimately impossible to recommend Testropin to our readers.

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