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S-Fuel is an over the counter male enhancement product that promises improvement in users’ sexual performance in general, but especially in the length of time that users can have sexual intercourse for. Their promotional materials say that it can potentially increase overall energy levels and athletic endurance, as well as helping users overcome issues with premature and untimely orgasms.

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S-Fuel Review

S-Fuel is both a circulatory enhancement aid and a male performance booster, which tends to be an effective combination for male enhancement products. The circulation improvement directly affects erectile performance, and male performance is a necessary component of nearly every phase of sexual arousal and performance.

Not only does male performance play a role in erectile health, but it is also a key for maintaining libido levels and seminal production. Most relevant to the claims made by S-Fuel is the fact that male performance is directly related to both athletic endurance and sexual performance, and it helps men have effective, satisfying, appropriately timed orgasms.

There are quite a few different ingredients used in the proprietary blend for S-Fuel. Some of these ingredients are among the most effective male enhancement product ingredients that are available without a prescription. Others, however, are potentially dangerous, ineffective, or not well enough studied for our team or experts to feel comfortable recommending them.

Among the more notable ingredients found in their blend are:

L-Arginine: An amino acid that has multiple different beneficial effects from a male enhancement perspective. It is useful for both male performance production and circulatory function, making it one of the most highly rated products on the market, according to our team of experts.

Epimedium: An over the counter male enhancement supplement that is more commonly sold under the name horny goat weed. Horny goat weed contains the extract icariin, which is a central nervous system stimulant.

Icariin causes the heart to beat faster, which has the effects of increasing the overall circulation levels in the body. This does have a pro-erectile effect, however it also can significantly raise users’ blood pressure levels.

Elevated blood pressure can lead to some possible health complications in consumers, including potentially fatal events like strokes or heart attacks. For these reasons, our team of experts do not recommend any male enhancement product that makes epimedium or epimedium byproducts part of their ingredients blend.

Maca Root Powder: Maca is a plant that was initially cultivated in the high Andes regions of Peru, however it has recently become more popular globally as people have started to understand its many beneficial effects. The first accounts of people consuming maca come from the ancient Incans, who used it to brew a potent energy-giving tea that they noticed also had some aphrodisiac and pro-erectile effects.

Today scientists have realized that the most potent part of the plant is the root, which, when powdered and distilled becomes one of the most useful male enhancement supplement additives on the market. Our team or experts highly recommend maca root as a part of a product’s proprietary blend.

Saw Palmetto: A tree most commonly found in Florida that is named for the somewhat sharp saw-like teeth found on the edges of its leaves. Saw palmetto is a highly controversial male enhancement product that does not have enough data about its effects to be able to recommend at this time.

Some men with erectile functionality problems that stem from issues with their prostates have seen benefits from using saw palmetto products, however other men have claimed that saw palmetto may have contributed to their erectile dysfunction. Our team will not be recommending any saw palmetto products until more data definitively proving its safety and utility emerges.

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  • Both L-Arginine and maca root are known as effective male enhancement ingredients. They have each shown erectile function benefits, among other useful effects that can boost sexual performance.


  • Epimedium is potentially useful for erectile function, however it may also be dangerous for some users, and saw palmetto could actually cause erectile dysfunction in some users.


S-Fuel is manufactured by NuCell, a Florida based developer of nutritional supplements and workout products. In addition to producing their own products they are also contracted by other independent groups to produce products for them as well. There are some indications that this is the case with S-Fuel, however neither NuCell nor S-Fuel are clear about their relationship in their promotional materials or their publically available legal documents.

S-Fuel has gotten some particularly bad reviews from online consumer watchdog groups, including from the site Fakespot that gave them an “F” rating overall. They found that as many as 60% of the 5-star reviews of S-Fuel posted online are potentially fake and declared that there was a high level of deception involved with their online ratings.

This becomes apparent reading through their reviews, many of which have a tendency to be overly positive and utilize similar words and phrases. In addition to Fakespot, they also have a 1.5/5-star rating on Trustwerty, a 1.5/5-star rating on Diets In Review, and a 3.6/10 rating from Muxcle Supplement Review.

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  • Effectiveness 4.4/5
  • Consumer reviews 4.2/5
  • Quality of ingredients 3.9/5
  • Cost 3.9/5
  • Money Back 4.2/5
  • Overall Rating 4.1/5

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There are a number of reasons to like S-Fuel, including their diverse ingredients list that includes helpful additives like L-Arginine and maca root. Unfortunately, that list also includes some notably problematic ingredients as well, including saw palmetto and horny goat weed.

When the use of these lower quality ingredients is factored in to the poor reviews for S-Fuel and NuCell from past users and watchdog groups, it becomes very hard to rate the supplement as effective, safe, and trustworthy. Our team of experts encourage our readers to seek out male enhancement products that use L-Arginine and maca root, but that have a better roster of secondary additives and that come from a more reputable manufacturer.

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